I Can Be the Jealous Type


I admit it. When I see you talking to someone else, it makes me wonder what’s going on. I’m sorry if I come off as over-protective, but that’s me not wanting to lose you. That’s me trying to fight for what is mine. I get jealous because I’m afraid someone s going to take you away from me. I’m scared that someone will show up in your life and make you realize that I’m no good for you. So I’m sorry, I just afraid you won’t be mine.

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I like to do this
Brushing my lips against his
As if I am going to kiss him
And then
I move just out of his reach
His lips catching only a hint of mine…

gives me butterflies ^^

Hahaha, all I can think about is when I did this to this one guy. He was like “That was hot, can we have sexual relations?” Hahaha